Comfort Ward

Apart from the hospital’s outstanding medical and nursing care, we offer you an additional comprehensive package of convenience and service at our comfort ward.

Your accommodation is at high standard, well-equipped single and double rooms with attractive bath rooms. You enjoy our gastronomic service, and you can spend time together with your guests in the invitingly designed lounge area.

During your stay at our facility, you don’t have to go without any comfort. A team of qualified nursing and service staff is at your disposal 24 hours a day providing help and advice. 

Equipment of the rooms

Equipment of the rooms

All together the ward comprises 10 single rooms and 4 double rooms which offer you comfortable accommodation at the highest level.

Comfort at rooms

  • comfort beds with an especially convenient lying surface
  • desk
  • convenient seating furniture
  • relax armchair
  • safe for valuables
  • refrigerator
  • darkening device easy to handle from the bed

Multimedia at rooms

  • modern full HD flat screen TV
  • multifunctional terminal
  • telephone calls free of charge
  • Wi-Fi internet access
  • sky programs
  • radio
  • program magazine
  • selection of daily newspapers

Comfort at the bathroom

  • shower at ground level with glass doors
  • towel radiator
  • generous storage shelf
  • hair dryer and cosmetics mirror (with light and adjustable height)
  • bathrobe, soft face towels and bath towels
  • high quality care set

Laundry service daily exchange of face towels and bath towels exchange of bed linen on every second day (upon request also more often) cleaning of underwear free of charge Lounge

In our cozy lounge which is decorated with fresh flowers and which enjoys a hotel character, you find a fully automatic coffee machine for self-service, diverse cold drinks, small snacks and fruits for the time between meals and a broad range of journals and magazines. Here you can relax in a comfortable atmosphere or sit cozily together with your guests.

Who can claim optional services?

Who can claim optional services?

Every patient has the opportunity to use the optional services we offer. Settlement is done by your private or additional insurance. If such insurance does not exist it is directly done with you.

Optional services are additional services at the hospital which every patient can use, be it through a private insurance, private additional insurance or as self-pay patient. In this respect, we differentiate between the following types of optional services.

  • medical optional services
  • non-medical optional services
    • accommodation at a comfortable single or double room
    • accommodation and catering for an accompanying person – without any medical necessity





Who covers the costs?

In general, every patient who has a private or additional insurance or who is a self-pay patient has the opportunity to choose our optional services. Before signing an agreement on optional services with our facility, we ask you to check whether your private insurance, allowance or additional insurance covers these costs.

However, even if your insurance does not cover the non-medical optional services, for instance, do something that is good for yourself: enjoy the services and convenience, and support your recovery for the time you stay at the hospital.

How much are the costs?

Our optional services involve the following costs listed below. For any further information, please go into touch with us by calling phone number 0335 548 2890.

  • Costs for accommodation in a single room are 165 €* per day.
  • Costs for accommodation in a double room are 85 €* per day.
  • Settlement for optional services is carried out in accordance with the German Scale of Medical fees (GOÄ).
  • Admission for accompanying people is possible in case of free bed capacity. Please, ask about it when being taken in. It’s a pleasure for us to give you advice.

*state: January 2017

Service team

Service team

Frau Kabisch vom Serviceteam der Komfortstation

We want you to feel well at our facility. It is a pleasure for our service staff responsible for patients to care for you regarding anything that touches your hospital stay. In case, you have a special wish or you want something to be done, our service team together with Mrs. Kabisch is available for you in the time between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Phone number +49 335 548-1885